Friday, 3 February 2017

Of Innocent Mistakes and Political Lies

Kellyanne Conway strikes again.  Shortly after entertaining the nation with the notion of “alternative facts”, she regales us once more, this time with tales of a massacre that never was.  “The Bowling Green massacre”, which Kellyanne referenced in an interview on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews, never happened.  She was trying to defend President Trump’s migration ban, but delivered the next chapter in what is fast becoming a ridiculous comedy of PR errors.

Yes, Ms. Conway has owned up to part of this mistake and said she was referring to the “Bowling Green Terrorists”.  However, the point of her message was to justify Trump’s ban by saying that Obama had done something similar.  The whole attempt fell flat on its face because:

1.       There was no Bowling Green Massacre

2.       The terrorists were not planning an attack in the U.S., but were planning to ship weapons to Iraq

3.       Obama’s administration did not at any time place a ban on refugees from Iraq.  They did however review vetting procedures for Iraqi refugees and Special Immigrant Visa applicants in 2011, which slowed down the process.

I can see how one could make a mistake on live TV and say “Massacre” instead of “Terrorist”.  Totally. Almost.  Anyway, that doesn’t address the rest of the issue; the total basis for the statement was untrue.  But of course, we don’t use the word “lie” anymore, do we? 
Another case of "alternative facts" perhaps?

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