Friday, 8 May 2009

Instant News

Yes, I know it's been said before. Everything's instant these days. Instant coffee. Instant milk. Fast food. Wait a minute, that's not instant... anyway, you get my drift.

We are an impatient generation. And sadly, the new reporting culture has followed this trend to its great hurt.

I remember a time when the news was delivered once a day, in the evening. It was well considered, well presented, factual and largely accurate. These days we're bombarded with breaking news long before anyone is actually sure what the full story is!

Is anyone else as fed up with this as I am? I'm as eager as the next guy to catch breaking news, but guys, at least get the full story first! Why rush to be the first on the scene only to be the first with nothing concrete to say?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How come BBC News24 (online) got so much stick for not reporting as much on the daily telegraph expenses story (in the first week) as other news sources? BBC said they were verifying sources, but people complained that they had taken 1.5 days to mention the story on their website.
Who is right? The guy who tries to get 'something concrete to say'?

Babs K.