Friday, 8 May 2009

MPs Expenses

Okay, what is it about the UK ministers that reminds me so much of 3rd world despots?! Why can't I enjoy 15 news-watching minutes of my day without hearing some soundbite reminding me that one of my representatives is squandering my hard-earned pennies in some God-dishonouring way? I'm fed up!

Having grown up in a so-called "third world country", I'm used to hearing news reports of the political elite enriching themselves off the back of their slaves ... oops, subjects! What's the right word, anyway? Electorate? Will that work?

While I'd be the first to admit that the scale of corruption... (again I use the wrong word! Sleaze? Okay, that seems fine) ... While the scale of sleaze in a country such as the UK is nothing compared with what obtains in some other less transparent countries of the world, it still disheartens me. I guess I expected more. But I've been told that this is a fault of mine. I expect too much of myself and then project that on others.

Is this a problem with the Labour government? I think not. More a problem with human nature. We just can't seem to keep our hands out of the proverbial cookie jar, given half the chance. Some may take a nibble, others a huge bite, still others scoff the whole tin. But wherever we turn there always seems to be someone a-nibbling.

May God save us from ourselves. I wonder how to get my hands on a Labour party application form...

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