Friday, 25 December 2009

The Case Against Christmas

I enjoy celebrations as much, if not more, than the next guy. So why am I writing an article against Christmas? I'm not, really. I think it's fantastic that people have decided to set aside a day to give gifts and be merry. I'm just a bit frustrated with our calling it a celebration of the birth of Christ, and practically cutting him out of the whole affair! How many times do you hear someone going on about the spirit of Christmas, only to find that their conclusion has nothing whatsoever to do with Christ? I'm aware that the festival has it's roots in Pagan rites, so I guess it's no surprise to find it straying now from anything Christian.

What's all this about Santa Claus? Why do we insist on lying to our children for the first several years of their lives? I think it's despicable that kids are made and encouraged by a collective lie to believe in a fat guy in a red suit who flies in through the chimeny to bring them gifts! Why am I so irate? Perhaps it's because I believe in Christ and I don't want their dear little minds to think that the God I love is part of the same worldwide fuzzy conspiracy to keep them in line.

Down with Santa! Up with Christ!


editor said...

I came from and just wanted to show some support. I have followed you and read through your blog. Hope you like my support.

Your blog is interesting and helpful in many ways. Easy to read. Hope you will return the favor.

See you around! And Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year!

Steinar Arason

Ed Donnelly said...

The reason Christ has been slowly but steadily removed from Christmas is because most companies in this country want to distant themselves from having any religious leanings for fear of offending potential buyers of their goods. Also, religion (in general) is being slowly phased out of almost everything in our culture. It's so sad.

EC said...

Too true, Ed. It's all about the money these days. And yet "what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul..."

Anonymous said...

I'm closing my brick and mortar but, just wanted to say how people were amazed and delighted to hear songs like Silent Night and not just Jingle Bells. It is a shame people hesitate to say Merry Christmas. You must question why as Americans we give in to this political correctness garbage. I'm proud to be American because I have choices. On Santa, we were taught about St. Nick and had an advent wreath. It is all in what the parents make it. Parents need to teach at home and not leave it up to TV and school. Ok I'm done, I need to move on now:)