Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Tragedy of Tiger

Like many others, I have followed the story of Tiger Wood's personal life splashed across the pages of the world's newspapers, all sources eager to expand upon the news of the good guy gone bad. It was with a great sense of sadness that I came to realise that this would not just blow over; it was here, it was real and worst of all, it was likely true.

I feel sorry for Woods and his family. The last thing they need now is a media spectacle, but sadly, they will be unable to avoid this for a long time to come. Do these reporters have hearts? Do they not realise that by digging deeper into these stories, while increasing the circulation of their papers, they are making it harder and harder for the Woods family to work through their issues? Is money really this important that it has turned us into ravenous wolves ready to tear one another to pieces? Perhaps things have always been this way.

I remember watching (on TV) as Tiger claimed his first Masters, all those years ago. As he donned that green jacket, I knew I was witnessing something special - the beginning of a new age. This sense was proved right over the years as he won tournament after tournament, and marched on to become the most successful sportsperson of all time. Yet, I must admit that a transformation was equally evident on his face over time. He smiled less and appeared a lot more focused and serious in his photos; I have heard some say he appeared more mean. Perhaps his personal life had begun to seep into the public slowly, imperceptibly, through the mirror of a troubled man's eyes.

It's too much to ask in today's world that the media focus only on the man's golf and leave his personal life alone. I only hope that one day, we learn when to say "enough".

I wish Tiger Woods well as he takes time off golf to focus on his family. I hope they are able to work things out, and go on to be better, stronger people. The world of golf will dearly miss the Tiger, but in my opinion, he has done the right thing.

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