Thursday, 27 January 2011

Investing for the future

I've been reading a lot these days about investing for the future.  I'll be the first to admit that I've not been the best with my finances in the past.  I did pick up the odd credit card and I'm still facing the consequences of those wrong choices.  However, I'm slowly but surely breaking away from a spendthrift mentality into that of a structured saver.

Our society has gone mad on credit, and the tempting offers are everywhere.  We have been brought up on the promise of instant gratification, and in attempting to live that life, many of us have come unstuck along the way.  I'm learning now things I really should have imbibed a long time ago.  It's sort of like reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" all over again, but this time with a mind mature enough to take the necessary action.

I wish I'd paid attention to my father all those years ago, as he meticulously taught me and my brother to save.  Instead, I accepted the philosophy that money is for spending, not hoarding.  In attempting not to "lay up treasures on the earth" where the moth, rust and thieves can get at it, I fear I've become a poor steward of the little entrusted to me.

It's time to change.  I've started closing my credit accounts, one after another.  It will take a while, but soon I hope to be in a good position to start saving again.  From there, the master plan is to dive headlong into investing, with as diverse a portfolio as is possible.

Watch this space.

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