Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The attack on Gordon Brown

I've been a Labour supporter for as long as I've been able to vote in Britain. I've not always liked their policies, and I've been as disappointed as the next guy over the expenses crisis. However, I was appalled by the way certain members of the Labour party, particularly some former members of the cabinet, went after Gordon Brown these last few days with their daggers fully drawn, ready to spill his political blood.

I was frankly disgusted by the pictures of Harriet Harman walking away from her office with her "rocking the boat" brooch. Does she think we've all forgotten that the real reason she had to leave government was because she was badly stung by the expenses scandal? Yes, I know there were others who did wrong and they were protected by Gordon Brown. I don't claim that the man is a saint. I just doubt the moral integrity of those who would essentially turn the consequences their own wrong-doing into a weapon to hurt their elected leader; those who would pledge full support one day and then spin round 360 degrees the very next day, because they missed out on promotions in the Cabinet reshuffle.

Do I think Gordon Brown is doing particularly well as Prime Minister? Definitely not. Do I think he will lead the Labour Party to victory in the next general elections? Extremely unlikely. Do I think anyone else can achieve this feat? No. Hence, I say let the man serve out his days. Let him do the best he can in the time he and his once-great Labour party have left, before the general election ushers in the inevitable conservative government. No amount of back-stabbing and mudslinging can save Labour now. But it's not too much to ask that they and their leader go down with a little dignity.

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