Saturday, 20 June 2009

Of Cinemas and Certain Deafness

I haven't been to a cinema in quite a while, and that's saying a lot. Former friends and colleagues (okay, former colleagues - my friends are still my friends) will tell you how much I love my movies! I actually used to own a Cineworld Unlimited pass, which was excellent value for money. Why have I stopped, besides the credit crunch? I can't stand the sound any more.

"What?" I hear you cry. "You must be crazy! How can't you like cinema sound? It's great!"

What planet are you living on? The modern cinema, in my unscientific opinion, is the ticket to certain deafness by the time you're 60. The volume is cranked up so loud it could wake the dead! I've been to many cinema chains in my time and I can't single out anyone for being better or worse than the others on this. Why, oh why does it have to be so loud? Is it perhaps so that the hearing-impaired can enjoy the cinema experience too? I tell you this, if this dangerous societal trend continues, we all, cinema-going people, will be hearing-impaired before long.

Now where's my TV remote control? The volume on these TV programmes are way too low these days...

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