Tuesday, 9 June 2009

London Tube Strikes

What is it about our beloved transport for London people that makes them resort to strikes several times every year? Do they really have that much to complain about? I don't claim to be fully aware of their reasons for striking each and every time, but I can't help but remember the words to a rather expletive-ridden London Underground song: "The greedy b******s get 30k for sitting on their a** all day..."

I'm not sure the writer's anger is justified, but it's hard to believe the TFL guys have the interests of the general commuters at heart. I think greed has got the better of the Union leaders and they feel they can strike at the slightest opportunity, causing maximum carnage. I say good on the Mayor for calling their bluff this time. Perhaps if we all get on with our business and let their strikes come and go uneventfully, there will come a day when they will rediscover the value of continued dialogue.

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