Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Murder in Ankara

The assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey is a cruel, senseless act which cannot be justified by Russia’s actions in Syria.  War is a complicated and brutal thing, and it’s difficult to summarize the rights and wrongs of any conflict – where they can be defined at all.  Regardless of the merit or otherwise of Russia’s actions in supporting Bashar Al-Assad, the taking of a life outside of legitimate combat is nothing short of murder, and the main actor(s) in such an affair are nothing but cold-blooded killers.  There is no honor in shooting a man in the back and then ranting like a lunatic waiting to be taken out.  There is no glory in robbing a wife of her husband and a son of his father.
The killer has wasted his own life, as well as Andrei Karlov’s.  He has changed nothing in Syria and his actions will do nothing to further the interests of the besieged, persecuted and oppressed.  He has only taken a life, lost his own and thrown his own family and friends as well as Mr. Karlov’s into disarray.

What a broken world we live in, and how sad that people are moved to treat their fellow man so.
What a broken world we live in.

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