Friday, 16 December 2016

This Is Us (TV Series - 2016) - A Brief Review

I first encountered this delightful drama after my wife started watching it on Hulu several weeks ago.   I started from the last 10 minutes of Episode one, got busy, and dropped in again halfway through Episode 3.   A couple of episodes later, I realized that this show was a keeper.  If you've been lucky enough not to have not had the story spoilt, then please start from Episode one, pay attention and enjoy the unfolding drama.

This is us is well acted - the entire cast is strong - well written and layered with emotion. It's exactly the sort of program I enjoy watching; definite progress is made each week as the story unfolds, as opposed to some dramas which stretch out a theme or premise like some sort of never-ending cliffhanger.  This show is one that satisfies, episode after episode, and yet simultaneously leaves you questioning and wanting more.

If I have a criticism of the show, it's that a story arc was inserted towards the end of the season that I found difficult to reconcile with a character we had slowly grown to and love.  It wasn't believable to me and seemed to have been written in as an after-thought.

Season one is now over in the US, and I can't wait for season two.  Hopefully the show will not falter, stumbling down unnecessary routes but will stick to heart of the compelling unfolding tale which has gripped many fans, including this one, for the last several weeks.

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